Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tent Camping at Lake Buena Vista

One  night at Lake Buena Vista was AWESOME!!!! Our strategy worked: leave early in the morning around 6am when kids were still tired. Bring a movie to watch on the way for my 2 year old son if he wakes up. My little girl slept the whole way except for the last 10 minutes before reaching the camp. We pulled into the last gas station before arriving at the lake at 9:30am. 

We went out on the boat with all the other 4 toddlers after lunch and nap time ( 11am). Here is a shot of the lake and myself on a tube for the first time behind a boat. I went out with my son and then by myself. I love water sports. I learned about another sport called skurfing. It's basically surfing behind the boat with out a rope. I didn't try it, but my hubby did. It was hard to stand up he said. 

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