Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tent Camping at Lake Buena Vista

One  night at Lake Buena Vista was AWESOME!!!! Our strategy worked: leave early in the morning around 6am when kids were still tired. Bring a movie to watch on the way for my 2 year old son if he wakes up. My little girl slept the whole way except for the last 10 minutes before reaching the camp. We pulled into the last gas station before arriving at the lake at 9:30am. 

We went out on the boat with all the other 4 toddlers after lunch and nap time ( 11am). Here is a shot of the lake and myself on a tube for the first time behind a boat. I went out with my son and then by myself. I love water sports. I learned about another sport called skurfing. It's basically surfing behind the boat with out a rope. I didn't try it, but my hubby did. It was hard to stand up he said. 

The Night Before

We could not sleep but we tried. Our first camping adventure with the kids( 2 yr. old and 3month old) and we weren't sure if they would handle the 3.5 hour drive or the 1 night over in the campground. Quiet time starts at 10pm to 7am, would our kids get up in the middle of the night and cry? Will we be able to handle their early morning cries? Or would we have to pack up and go to a hotel? Did they have hotels out there?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Working on designing Book Cover

This is my current project to turn my novel into a series of books for young adults/girls. It is fiction but traces of me are inside my book, A Diary of a Friend, which I have been writing since 91. It has gone through a series of edits by me. I finally got the idea from my husband to break it up into books. It is an action packed drama similar to Beverly Hills 90210 yet geared toward self-awareness and discovery through  the journey of a young girl graduating from high school and making the leap into college. The decisions she makes to maintain her values while emerging into the club scene with her band. Can she survive the temptations of popularity, fame, and money? Stay tuned. I am looking toward ebook with Amazon. Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who is Bookworm Momma?

I grew up in California and still here. I have travelled to Italy, Spain, and parts of the Caribbean. I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, teaching my two kids, hanging out with other mommas, and reading. I have been crazy about books all my life. In junior high, I helped out my librarian open up the library and during lunch I would put away books. I always had a book in my hand unless I was at the park swimming. My family spent most of the time in the library even during summer. I profess I am such a nerd, I love office stuff and organizing things. My dream is to become a published ebook writer on Amazon. 

 I am in the process of working on a cover for my ebook I hope to publish this year. I write for young adults and young women. 

My passion is my family. So my writing comes 2nd, but my dreams are frequent and this is where my stories come from. So if I die before I finish my stories, I will leave them for my family and friends to finish at leisure.