Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The inside of my refrigerator I try to eat as healthy as possible. You will find that it is stuffed with greens from my CSA, coconut water from Costco, Chia seeds in the door,beans in the tupperware,nonfat yogurt by the eggs that are feed organically. Not corn fed. Organic milk, salsa, low sodium soy sauce, and a large jar of Dr. Ben Kim's Green solution we put into our smoothies. Right now, I am all smoothie out. I am eating raw salads, stir fry, and butter that we seldom use. It's probably the least healthy thing in our refrigerator. A year ago, you would have seen less greens, no Chia seeds, Dr. Ben Kim's Greens, and non fat yogurt. I had no idea how dairy was made with butterfat. No idea how I was not giving my body a chance to clean out the fat. Now, I eat more veggies. Hardly any meat. It's great.