Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review of The Forgotten Schoolhouse by Suzanne Jurman

I was mystified by the suspenseful title, The Forgotten Schoolhouse:, while waiting to check out books at the library. As I read this dramatic, engaging story, I was captivated by the action and the character of Prudence Crandall. In the 1830s, in the town of Canterbury, Connecticut, when women could not vote and had few rights. Here was a woman that stood up for others and made adversaries with others of similar beliefs for justice and a strong family to back her up even at the cost of possible death or injury to their livelihood and occupations. This story is not just about the right and wrong about the injustice of African American girls,but the happenings of the time,the mindsets of people,the strategy to keep going against all odds: strength and courage of women,men,and African American girls wanting education. I liked the short chapters, the pictures of the people and buildings of the time, what happened to the girls, Prudence, her family, and what changed because of Prudence. This story tells many things and I especially liked to know what the 1800s were like for women. This book is a great book to be used in school to teach our kids about history. I give it 5 Stars. Well Written. Nonfiction

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review of "A Christmas Promise" by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

I finished this book in December during Christmas break. I really liked the characters in the story. They were authentic and brought to life with their dialogue and simple descriptions. I liked the way the authors weaved in and out of the story with three main sets of characters in the small town of Cape Light. The only part I did not like was when I was reading and the wrong character suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I reread the paragraphs and it was an obvious mistake. One of the mistakes was between Jessica and Sam and suddenly Leigh was brought in. Then nothing. It was on page 162 I believe. Not sure. It was definitely in the 100s though. Good story. enjoyed the drama. Looking forward to reading more books in the Cape Light series.