Sunday, July 12, 2015

Review of "TimberRidge Trilogy" by Tamera Alexander

I read all three Timber Ridge books within a month's time. Each book within 7 days roughly. I enjoyed the adventures,the drama,the relationships between each character and how unpredictable Tamera Alexander's action is. The intertwining of the two main characters of each book with the whole cast of the book and getting the happily ever after ending together took work. I enjoyed learning of the 1860-70s time. I currently am studying local history in the 1800s-1950s in the Cherry Valley, Beaumont,Banning,and the famous Highland Springs Resort. I enjoyed learning about the characters and their inner struggles through their eyes as the author tells the story about them. The seamless changing of the scenery ere so smoothly transitioned I did not have to reread any sentences unless interrupted by my little ones. Tamera Alexander is truly a gifted writer in her craft as a storyteller and historian. I tend to get bored when an author spends 2-4 pages describing the scenery. A story should flow like real life. I was completely emerged into the life of a pioneer in a new territory in a young town as well as in the individual women that each book focuses on. There were so many things going on but everything fit nicely together. I loved all three novels and I suggest rereading these books to better get everyone's connection. Yet, it is intertwined into each story so you can read each book individually and not get lost. In this Timber Ridge series, it starts with From a Distance, Beyond this Moment, and Within My Heart.
This second book is where I started and I fell in love with the story of the town of Timber Ridge. But it wasn't just the small town life that I loved. It was the character of this book that sent me wanting to read the rest of the trilogy. Dr. Molly Whitcomb, a college professor and the new school teacher at Timber Ridge. In this book, we see the interworking of a town, how justice is held, how people felt about others different than themselves "immigrants" as well as who gets education and who is excluded. The hard realities of life out West and what drove people out West in such distant places like Colorado before it was admitted into the union. It remembers me of the TV show Little House on the Prairie. aired from 1974-1983. There are not many shows on TV about the early days from 1800s-1900 anymore.
Rachel Boyd has been through all three books, but this one focuses on her story. Widow and mother of two, young boys of 8 and 10 years old trying to save her ranch. Each book start off with action and it keeps a good pace.

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