Sunday, July 12, 2015

In the Images of America : Banning book, I have learned a few things about its people, how it became a city, and see what still exists today. So if you love local history this series is the series for you. Did you know that there was a stagecoach stop at what is today Gilman Historic Ranch and Wagon Museum? Did you know there were two different Gilman families one that was in north Banning and did the stage coach stop and the other Gilman's Relief Hot Springs,which today is a Scientology complex? This series of books, Images of America, are mostly pictures of the past from small towns across the USA. Local authors have the ability to use pictures to create time capsules for future generations to learn about their city's past. These books contain short chapters starting with the first inhabitants of that city/area. No one writer is responsible for all the books in this series. Credit is given to those who provide pictures to the author. I find these books help me to research further information of the times.

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