Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review of " The Lost Husband" by Katherine Center

I found this book on It has been a couple months since I used this site. But, the idea of a lost husband and the description peaked my curiosity. I admit I love farms and have visited a couple of small So Californian farms in the cities of Ontario, Oak Glen, and Cherry Valley, so I was interested in reading about a goat farm. The widow written in first person was a pleasant surprise. I loved seeing the world through Libby's eyes. I love writing in the first person when I write my stories which have only been self-published on Amazon Kindle. I haven't written in years until now. Focusing on my little ones who are now 4 and 6 years old. Reading this story spurred the writing juices inside of me to start again. So reading Katherine's 290 page book in three days was a record for me. I can't even remember reading that many pages in a long time. I have read 400 page historical novels in a weeks time staying up into the wee hours of the night. This heartwarming novel about a family that lost their father and husband is full of subtle twists. I love reading about people and how they react to life's challenges, and how they perceive other people's actions. I was totally immersed in LIbby's life on the goat farm in Atwater, Texas with her Aunt and O'Connor, the handy man, farm hand. I hate when I have to keep rereading a paragraph because I couldn't understand what the writer was saying. I love plain English. Simple language. I can appreciate Shakespeare, but I am not that type of writer or reader. So if you want, short, drama, and some action. Check out for Katherine's book. I plan to read her other books now and plan on buying The Lost Husband. I give this book 5 * * * * * stars. I even Facebooked the author to let her know I have reviewed it on Goodreads and shared it on Facebook. So enjoy. You could also try it out at your local library like I do. I only buy those I really, really love.

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